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TELECOMMUNICATIONS As the smartphone becomes the hub for individuals’ digital lives, more and more companies are forced to adapt and innovate in the fast-paced mobile market. To be in the market and cater to everchanging needs and requirements of the companies and the end-users alike, the organization must possess correct information. A thoroughly researched and […]
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Internet Of Things

INTERNET OF THINGS The Internet of Things refers to the networking of physical objects through the use of embedded sensors, actuators, and other devices that can collect or transmit information about the objects. The data amassed from these devices can then be analyzed to optimize products, services, and operations. Considering the fact that this is […]
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Information Technology

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Corporations operating in the IT sector can be both – the disruptors and the disrupted: The pace of change in technology market means that there are frequently as many opportunities as there are threats to your business. Accordingly, you need an agile insight partner that can help you stay ahead of your competition […]
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Financial Industries

FINANCIAL SERVICES VMAK’s clients from the Financial services market know success is not just a numbers game. That’s why they turn to us. You need robust data to underpin your decision making: category sizes, segmentation, forecasts, shares and communication strategies. You want to know what’s coming next in a financial market that’s all about the […]
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Consumer Goods

CONSUMER GOODS Our household clients come to us for: Robust data In-depth research; and Critical analysis on various FMCG markets And that’s where VMAK comes in!! Our experts on the household market know the trends, the innovations, the products, the claims, the retailers – and they know what’s coming next. They can tell you what […]
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AUTOMOTIVE Quite a few market intelligence exercises don’t look under the hood. Our automotive market clients need to go further than that. What they majorly look for are: Fast, reliable data on key industry categories like market size, segmentation, forecasts and shares. Where innovation is coming from ? Where is innovation headed next? – Automotive? […]
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