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Qualitative    Analysis

QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS Qualitative analysis is a natural or observational examination of the philosophies that govern consumer behaviour. Qualitative analysis can easily be influenced because of the bias of the researcher and it is of utmost importance to take note of this thing. At Vmak, our direction and framework of the research is often getting revised […]
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Quantitative Analysis

QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS Hard data means nothing to a marketing or sales manager sitting in their office. Without the proper analyzation and interpretation of the data all the research will get lost in sheer volumes of numbers. At Vmak, our advanced analytics professionals make sure to analyse and interpret the data in a way to make […]
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Questionnaire Design

QUESTIONNAIRE DESIGN Anyone can write a bad questionnaire. That is why it is of utmost importance to go to the experts to design your questionnaire. At Vmak, our market research methodologists have a deep understanding of the impact questionnaire design has on completion rates, data quality and respondents’ positive experience. We frequently consult with clients […]
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Link Testing

LINK TESTING Link testing is essential for the collection of statistically relevant data. Any mismatchin link designing vis-a-vis questionnaire design can put downer on the whole project at its initiation stage. At Vmak we provide comprehensive link testing solutions to our clients. From the initiation stage of the link making till the final tests, our […]
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Dashboard Report

DASHBOARD / REPORTS The research dashboards are used with a need to distribute research based information to a wide range of internal users. Companies have all the data they need to make decisions, but because of lack of graphical representation all the analysis gets lost. Vmak has successfully implemented various dashboard projects for many of […]
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Data Cleaning

DATA CLEANING Data cleaning involves uncovering and correcting inconsistent records from a database, table or a set. Data cleaning is a very important part of research as it separates any corrupted data from good ones. Vmak are data cleaning specialists. We ensure that the corrupted data provided by our clients is cleansed and made ready […]
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Data Collection

DATA COLLECTION Data collection is the most important and integral part of any market research project. Any ambiguity in the collection process or any mistake in the collection way can cause faulty data to seep into the project, thus making the whole project vulnerable to errors. At Vmak, we provide CATI/CAWI and face to face […]
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